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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

International Peace Day

This year 2011 on International Peace Day-September 21
A class at the local primary school Avoca Beach 
participated by colouring in and designing their own 
peace symbols taken to school by young activist Lenny Harriott.

Along with the symbols Lenny also took some information about
International Peace Day and Jeremy Gilley.

Lenny's teacher further encouraged and supported their exploration 
and communication by showing the class the 
Peace One Day website and video footage, see link below

Lenny hopes to get the whole school involved next year to 
celebrate the plans of Peace One Day and their aim to create 
the biggest call to peace to world has ever seen.

Lenny is a wonderful advocate for Peace One Day.
I look forward to my involvement and staying tuned in to 
the activity and lead up to International Peace Day 2012.

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