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Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Samaya School Feeding Program

The Samaya School Feeding Program

Our new school in the town of Samaya, Sierra Leone is our most remote and isolated project to date. In September 2011 we opened our classrooms up to over 150 children, providing them with a free primary education. Our school is the first of its kind in the area and gives children there an amazing opportunity to access school for the first time. The children come from the regions poorest homes, some being orphans or abandoned. During our time there it was evident that people really struggle to simply find enough food to survive, eating only once per day.
Giving to the Samaya Feeding Program will allow OrphFund to provide children with one large nutritional meal, our goal is to raise enough for every child in the school.
To do this we are asking people to spare just the smallest of sacrifices each month. For just $5 each month you can provide one child with a meal every day they go to school. This helps our children to learn but also takes away the burden that families have in the area to find enough food for their children.
This campaign is simple and direct, for every $5 given each month, one child we no longer sit at school hungry all day. And of course you can help more than one child if you can afford it!

How do I feed a child?

It will only take a few minutes to help feed a child in our Samaya School.
Our preferred method is through a bank transfer/bankers standing order. (This has no administrative cost) To do this you will need to either pop into your local bank or log into your netbanking and set up a regular payment to - See our bank details here. Please add SAMAYA FEEDING as a reference for your transaction.
Once this has been set up please send a confirmation email to We will then send you a thank you certificate in recognition of your support.

How your money is spent

100% of your donation will be sent every month to our school in Sierra Leone and help with the costs of feeding all of the children who attend.

To find out how you can support this wonderful initiative please visit

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