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Sunday, 2 October 2011

SurfAid International...You can make a difference'

What we do

SurfAid, in partnership with communities and government, works to prevent disease, suffering and death through educational programs and health promotion that aim to change poor health behaviours and reduce the risk from natural disasters.

SurfAid’s goal is to empower communities to help themselves and build local capacity so their improved health resilience is sustainable. We advocate health and wellbeing for all and create collaborative relationships with other stakeholder groups wherever we can so as to further sustained change in behaviour and development.

Our community based health programs involve education in nutrition, hygiene, healthy environments, and disease prevention - including mosquito net distribution. In response to an unfortunately frequent need, we have built an award winning capacity in Emergency Preparedness and have delivered practical, locally-based Emergency Responses. 

SurfAid follows the organisational values of accountability, transparency and partnership.

Our activities epitomise the universal human values expressed through local and global citizenship - empathy and compassion, respect for community, social justice and equity for all, economic, environmental and social sustainability, and a belief that we can all make a difference.

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