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Friday, 7 October 2011

Jesse Reno - selftaught raw art outside the establishment.

Symbols - More than a hundred times this year I have found understanding 
through seemingly random shapes, colors, and markings. 
I find myself writing words before I understand their meaning, 
trusting I will be wise enough to understand them in time.
 Magic does not reveal itself easily. 

When trying to see the future our eyes must be given time to adjust.
 To find our true purpose we must ask many questions of ourselves. 
We must observe ourselves without judgment. 
We must allow ourselves to become ourselves. 
Preconceived plans lead to preconceived outcomes. 
To find something new we must move without bounds. 
There are no hard questions for truth.

Jesse Reno

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  1. Great creative artist whom is very inspiring to all artists..


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